Downtown Bowmanville Applefest and Halloween Fun

I love this time of year,  just wish the days were longer. We have lots of NEW stock coming in every day, and we are starting our Christmas Trees! I know, I know, but it takes us a while and I do know that you enjoy them….Right????????? lol. This weekend is Applefest in Downtown Bowmanville. Fun can be had by all. Glad to see everyone having fun with our Hallowe’en Glasses and Eye Ball Garland etc. Come and see all of our.

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Happy Mid July Everyone! Surprise July Sale

Happy Mid July everyone! Finally Bright, Sunny and Warm Days, yeah! Hate to rush Summer, but CHAMILIA, Launches Season 3, on July 14th! Wait till you see the New! Amazing, as usual, all you Hallowe’en people will be so excited! Get your orders in ASAP, don’t miss out! We are also having a Surprise July Sale, on Selected, Chamilia’s Fine Jewellery, Instore only………you must come see! Lots coming up, The Gift Show is in 5 weeks, and then you know what happens.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! Wow, January is certainly performing weather wise! For those us who like this weather it is Great! But for the others alot of people will be booking to get away. We are busy at the store getting Christmas ready to pack away and Valentine’s out. Christmas is on SALE till January 15th at which time we will make it disappear totally. Exciting NEWS we are going to be showcasing Chamilia Valentine’s Collection! Chamilia has come out with 3.

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