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2017 Peace on Earth Limited Edition


2017 Peace on Earth Limited Edition 4011-0809

The 2017 Limited Edition Peace on Earth gift set is a celebration of the many meanings of peace to create a collection that is timeless. The set is rendered in a harmonious palette of sterling silver, soft teal and gold electroplating with premium sparkling zirconia. The 7.5" bracelet and charms are packaged in a custom designed gift box with sentiment card detailing the meaning of each piece.

Beautifully crafted magnetic dove ornament can be removed from top of box. Inscription included on back for a personalized message.

- Meditation depicts a flame in an alcove, a place where one canfind solitude for reflection.

- The Hand is a sign of protection and peace, as well as a representation of blessings and strength.

- Peace in several languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and Swahili. Set against backdrop of the night sky, universal to all.
- Wreaths of laurel were given to the victor in ancient times - a symbol of fair play and camaraderie. The circular orientation of the mandala represents the universe in several Eastern traditions and is an aid to finding spiritual awareness. Apt to grow in thedisturbed earth of the battlefield, the poppy is asymbol of remembrance.
- A universal theme is one of slumber or rest. The patter of falling raindrops on water with leaves quietly floating by gives a sense of tranquility and quiet.
- A dove bearing an olive branch is the quintessential envoy of peace.
- The tree of life reminds us that we are as numerous as the leaves upon a tree and
likewise connected to one another.
- Olive branches have represented peace and victorysince Greek and Roman times.

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2017 Peace on Earth Limited Edition 2017 Peace on Earth Limited Edition