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Anuschka - The Basu Group Inc

Anuschka /an-ush-ka / n. like no other.

Handcrafted. One Story at a Time.

Anuschka™ is a premium brand of hand painted accessories. And yet, each Anuschka creation is so much more than merely an accessory.

It is a story.
Each Anuschka accessory is unique. It is rich in design, form and possibilities.
Fiery bursts of tropical carnations bring hot summer gardens to life in a hand-painted hobo. The pulsating luminosity of a tribal sunset on an elegant clutch. Regal peacocks in a feathered bloom of colors. Birds of paradise basking amidst protea, anthuriums and orchids in the glow of a Hawaiian twilight. The lazy innocence of pansies against the backdrop of a wilderness safari.
These are just a smattering of images. Moments in time. Flights of fancy.
These are Anuschka stories that are born in the imaginations of our artistic visionaries. And meticulously translated into exquisite hand-painted collectibles by our skilled artisans. So that you can own a prized piece of handcrafted storytelling.
Some may call it an accessory. A tote. A wallet. A lug-it-everywhere satchel.
But you’ll always know it’s so much more.