St Patrick’s Day and Easter are Fast Approaching

St Patrick’s Day and Easter are Fast Approaching

Hard to believe we are coming up to the end of February! I thought January would never end………..and February has flown by…thankfully for us that weren’t able to get away! St. Patrick’s and Easter are both fast approaching!

ottago-rouge Lampe BergerLots of new products in and feeling like Spring! The product I would like to talk about today is
Lampe Berger … the product that eliminates Bacteria, over 100 years old from Paris, France! We have lots of Scents to choose from and of course, there is Neutral. If we don’t have it, just ask and we will bring in your favourite scent right away! Great in the basement … gets rid of those nasty smells. If you cook bacon, or liver, or whatever, within 3 minutes it is gone! It eliminates odour, great if you have animals or especially if your house is up for sale!

I have sold Lampe Berger now going on for 25 years. It is my favourite gift for baby and bridal showers. Lots of new lamps in the range from $49.99 up to over $600. A lot of people collect the bottles, and they are a work of art.

Hope most of you are enjoying our great Canadian winter we haven’t had a good one in years……get out and enjoy.

Take care! xo


VCGS Customer Care Team

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